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Powering hospital innovation  through data transformation


Talosix provides a transparent and simplified approach to complex data challenges that improve the financial health of today’s hospital systems.

Increase innovation through NLP-powered translation of unstructured data

Transform siloed data sources into actionable resources

Discover critical insights about clinical and operational data


Talosix Capabilities


The confluence of electronic health records, digitization of the patient experience, and maturation of advanced analytics technology is is finally providing healthcare organizations the opportunity to start moving from basic descriptive analytics towards the realm of predictive insights delivering tangible value across all parts of the healthcare ecosystem – from administrative and clinical operations of hospitals to payers and patients.

Our expertise in data science allows healthcare organizations to:

+ Rapidly build and test prototypes that deliver and prove value tied to specific quantifiable outcomes

+ Discover insights through descriptive models to inform decision making

+ Implement and deploy predictive algorithms that estimate the likelihood of a future outcome thereby enabling preventative action


To capitalize on the benefits that data science solutions can deliver requires rapidly meeting the growing demands to process, persist, and analyze healthcare data at petabyte scale and beyond.

This requires building scalable, extensible production data platforms that not only support targeted prototypes but also mature systems.

Services include:

+ Optimizing data extraction, integration, standardization, storage, and access resulting in robust and versatile data pipelines

+ Optimizing data analytics, modeling, visualization, transformation, and enrichment to support downstream data science initiatives



Our advisory services are focused on helping healthcare companies improve their care delivery and/or reduce cost.

Specifically we provide expertise in data strategy along with roadmap creation toward adoption of machine learning in the organization.

No matter where on the data maturity and machine learning spectrums a healthcare organization is situated, we clearly articulate and justify recommendations, backed by in-depth assessments, industry expertise, vendor relationships, and empirical benchmarking resulting in clear, prioritized roadmaps that are adaptable to changing regulatory situations in healthcare.


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