Reporting & Analytics

Talosix Reporting and Analytics provides real-time online dashboards that are personalized to meet users’ individual needs and display clinical and PRO data in one integrated location. Additional data sources can be integrated into our dashboard using our Data Integration tool.

Real world insight

With Talosix Reporting and Analytics, users are enabled to monitor trends and detect safety and quality risks using real world data. New data is available as it is collected, allowing users to take action in real-time.

Data Security

Integrated data

Real-time dashboards

Available online


How It Works

Solution Design

Talosix experts work with your team to identify your most important analytics questions and design insightful dashboards.

Build Dashboards

Talosix builds dashboards and makes them available online so they are always available and continuously updated.

Train Users

Talosix grants access and trains end users how to navigate and extract insight from the dashboards.

Customer Support

Talosix provides ongoing support to sites and sponsors for user questions and issue management.


Do You Have the Data You Need?

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