Patient Engagement

The Talosix Patient Engagement tool captures PRO data through a customizable mobile app to augment clinical narrative data captured by our EDC. PRO data is used to promote improvements in health outcomes and advancements in patient care. Our mobile app provides an engaging, patient-friendly experience and boosts patient-clinician communication through content personalization features.

Build patient relationships

With the Talosix Patient Engagement tool, ePRO data is secure, accessible in real time, and more accurate than paper recorded PRO. Our mobile app increases data quality through customizable features that deliver relevant information directly to patients and keeps them engaged, resulting in higher response rates. The Talosix technology integrates ePRO data directly with eCRF, device, and laboratory data to generate insights for your clinical success, reimbursement coverage, and compliance requirements.

Data Security

Content personalization

Integrated with EDC

User friendly

Contact center and ePRO Mobile App

How It Works

Solution Design

Talosix experts work with your team to design the case report forms for you data collection effort.

eCRF Implementation

Talosix implements the case report forms, trains contact center, and publishes mobile app to App Store or Play Store

Site Onboarding

Talosix provides instructions to sites for educating patients on how PRO will be collected.

Customer Support

Talosix provides ongoing support to sites and sponsors for user questions and issue management.


Do You Have the Data You Need?

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