Real World Evidence Platform

Talosix’s RWE Platform collects, stores, analyzes, and reports out clinical and non-clinical data from real world settings. Our artificial intelligence adds automation and prediction capabilities to increase the return on client’s investment in data.

Data Products

Client facing products for collecting and analyzing real world data from patients and the point of care.

Expert Professional Services

In-house Clinical, Device Maker, and Biostatistics expertise for delivering personalized client solutions.

Secure Data Storage

Proprietary technology for securely collecting and storing sensitive Protected Health Information.

Artificial Intelligence

Pre-built AI models and infrastructure for configuration to client's personalized requirements.

Talosix Data Products

Electronic Data Capture

Cloud-based EDC system provides a customizable interface for collecting clinical data directly and securely from sites.

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Patient Engagement

Tools for collecting outcome data directly from patients via an ePRO application that also delivers personalized care content.

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Reporting & Analytics

Real-time online dashboards personalized to participants and stakeholder types involved in a data collection activity.

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Data Integration

HIPAA compliant Data Transfer tool allows for the safe transfer of sensitive data in both automated and ad hoc fashions.

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Our RWE Platform powers the solutions and outcomes we deliver for our clients. Select your audience below to learn more.

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Device Makers
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We collect data for top healthcare organizations

Talosix works with top tier academic institutions, the largest medical device makers in the world, and medical societies to help meet their needs for real world evidence to better serve patients.

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