Electronic Data Capture System

Talosix's EDC System is a cloud-based software streamlining data collection and maximizing productivity through customizable eCRF, query management, and the capture and integration of data from clinical sources in a secure, HIPAA-compliant manner.

Remove friction from data collection

With the Talosix EDC System, clinical data is secure, quicker to access, and organized. Our technology increases data quality through established data collection tools and procedures, supports accelerated project development, and directly integrates ePRO, eCRF, device and laboratory data at an individual record level.

Data Security

High quality data

Customizable eCRF

Integrated data

Query management

How It Works

Study Design

Talosix experts work with your team to design the case report forms for you data collection effort.

eCRF Creation

Talosix implements the case report forms and publishes online for sites to access.

Site Onboarding

Talosix onboards and trains sites on your case report forms to ensure data is captured correctly.

Customer Support

Talosix provides ongoing support to sites and sponsors for user questions and issue management.


Do You Have the Data You Need?

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