The need for market insights

Medical Device Companies are being required by EU MDR to move from reactive processing of complaints and reports of adverse events to proactive surveillance of product use in real world settings to keep their products in the EU market.


Market Insights
Solution by Talosix

Collects data proactively and systematically
Structures data for comparison across similar devices on the market.
Trends and monitors data to identify risks and potential issues.
Establishes procedures for taking corrective and preventive actions and improving the quality of the device.

How it works

Solution design & Implementation

Our experts work with your team to build a PMS system to match the class of your devices.

Electronic data collection

Our EDC is deployed to collect real world clinical data from sites to meet PMCF requirements.

Patient engagement

ePRO collects patient outcomes to supplement clinical narrative data.

Reporting & analytics

Analytics trend and monitor risk and deliver insights to help drive quality improvement.


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Talosix works with the largest medical device manufacturers in the world to help meet their EU MDR PMS requirements and has successfully delivered real world evidence to CMS to drive reimbursement coverage decisions.

Do You Have the Data You Need?

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