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The Need for Reimbursement Coverage

The need for evidence to establish CPT codes and coverage for a new procedure has been the norm. Increasingly though, CMS and their administrators have made decisions on existing procedures that require Real World Evidence to maintain coverage.

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Reimbursement Coverage Solution by Talosix

Collects high quality data for evidence creation.
Built on a history of trust by CMS.
Structures data for comparison across similar devices on the market.
Builds a case to CMS for improved coverage for use of a differentiated product.

How It Works

Solution Design & Implementation

Our experts work with your team to design a solution to yield high quality data demonstrating product outcomes and performance.

Electronic Data Collection

Our EDC is deployed to collect real world clinical data from sites to capture the clinical narrative of product use.

Patient Engagement

ePRO collects patient outcomes to supplement clinical narrative data.

Reporting & Analytics

Analytics trend and monitor risk and deliver insights from real world settings.


We work with top ‍global device makers

Talosix works with the largest medical device manufacturers in the world to help them generate Real World Evidence to satisfy reimbursement decision makers need for data. Talosix has successfully delivered Real World Evidence to CMS to drive reimbursement coverage decisions.

Do You Have the Data You Need?

To learn more about how Talosix can help you unlock the power of technology and artificial intelligence for your patients, please contact us.

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