Our Public Registries

Talosix has created multiple quality and clinical registries using their RWE Platform to collect data and measure real world patterns of care.

Vertebral Compression Fracture

In response to a local coverage decision(LCD) issued by Noridian Healthcare Solutions (NHS), Talosix provided as standardized way for providers to submit patient and procedure information to meet LCD requirements using a custom online VCF registry.



Talosix, in collaboration with the Society of Interventional Radiologists, have created a Sacroplasty registry to evaluate the effectiveness of the procedure. Given the lack of reimbursement, there is limited research on sacroplasty.


Standardization for real world data collection

Registries provide organization and standardization to real world data collection fo rprocedures, diseases, conditions, or diseases. The data can be used to measure specific outcomes and compare the effectiveness of different treatments.

Easy to use online interface for data submission

Online dashboards with benchmarks for participants

Remote abstraction available for data submission

HIPAA compliant for ePRO

We work with leading healthcare institutions

Talosix works with the largest medical device manufacturers in the world to build custom registries to collect Real World Evidence that meet compliance requirements and other business needs.

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