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The rise of NLP in healthcare

More than ever, medical providers are focused on providing patient-centric experiences with optimal outcomes. The emergence of value-based care models rewards quality over quantity and aim to provide better care for individuals, improve population health management strategies, and reduce healthcare costs.


However, there’s nothing holistic about manual billing processes, misdiagnosed technology infrastructure, and disconnected data in need of intensive care. In fact, the crucial arteries of hospital networks are blocked by complex data requirements and processes that impact both hospital financial health and the overall patient experience.

But there is an antidote. With natural language processing in healthcare, data becomes the connective tissue enabling value-based care. Machine learning models transform data challenges into scalable outcomes for hospitals. Data chaos is structured into sustainable assets that power system-wide innovation and efficiency, while medical providers are freed up focus on what matters. 

In other words, healthcare becomes more human.

Founded in 2018 by a team of data science and analytics executives, Talosix is the leader in intelligent healthcare data solutions for the modern care provider. Fueling digital transformation initiatives through tangible data management and machine learning solutions, Talosix provides a transparent and simplified approach to complex data challenges that improve the financial health of today’s hospital systems.


Meet the Leadership Team


Arsenio Valdez

CEO & Co-founder




Sean O’Connor

Chief Growth Officer at C-SATS

(now Johnson & Johnson)


Our Principles

We do the right

thing​, always

When the going gets tough,

we remain focused and

committed to our mission. 

We are


We represent our own honest self in every moment and every situation yet remain respectful to team members and customers.

We are relentlessly curious

We highly prize a growth mindset and believe that no idea is a bad idea.


We believe in the transformative power of data

We are big believers that when data and algorithms are applied smartly it will deliver tremendous value to our customers. 

We keep ourselves

When the going gets tough,

we remain focused and

committed to our mission. 

We strive
to be empathetic

We do our best to come from a place of understanding by putting ourselves in the shoes of our team members and customers.